AACI CPD Event on Façade Acoustics: (18th. Feb. 2021)

By Ted Dalton

Thursday last saw the successful and interesting presentation by Mr Mike Carrick (Siderise Insulation Ltd) of a presentation on Façade Acoustics. The ability to present from any location is indeed becoming popular thanks to online meeting platforms, providing real opportunities for additional CPD to AACI Members. The AACI Board and Membership would like to thank Mr Carrick for a very informative presentation. The CPD was heavily attended by Members of the AACI and lasted around 1 ½ hours in total. It was heavy on measurement data which is always useful for Acoustic Consultants. The presentation made its way through the various forms of transmission and in particular flanking pathways at junctions of compartmentation walls and floors. The measurement data presented will be particularly useful in design considerations where Consultants need to consider the real-world scenario Vs the Laboratory test data, quite a few titbits of informative information were offered too. Thanks again to Mr Carrick and the AACI can look forward to many more informative and assistive online CPD presentations in 2021.

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