Sound Insulation Testing -CPD

Date: Wednesday 16th Sept 2020 from 14:00hrs to 18:00hrs.

Presented by: David Clarke, SRL UK

Closed professional training to AACI members only.

Attendees: Ted Dalton, Siobhan Maher, Derek McCreanor, James Walsh, Diarmuid Keaney and Dermot Molony.

Session 1: Sound Insulation –

This covers the basic theory/science, the factors that govern sound insulation in practice, things to be aware of when designing for good sound insulation and the important difference between “detailing” and “workmanship

Session 2: Sound Insulation – the standards

Here we explain what the parameters (DnTw, L’nTw, etc) actually mean and what factors affect them.  We will then run through the key aspects of the test standards (ISO 16283-1:2014 for airborne and ISO 16283-2:2020 for impact testing) and explain how the test procedure can influence the final result.

Session 3: Diagnosing test fails

We would run through a number of common reasons for failure and how to diagnose the most likely causes.

Session 4: Low-frequency method for small rooms, review of the use of the Ctr method used in the UK.

All delegates are attending as part of the CPD requirements for those offering sound insulation testing services as part of the AACI-SITS.

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