About the AACI

The Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland was established December 2018 seeks to raise the standards of acoustic consultancy in Ireland and improve the professional role of Qualified Acousticians with regard to the vital roles of noise measurement, reporting and guidance, consultation on noise policy adoption, and to offer assistance in achieving realistic and good quality independent noise planning conditions throughout Ireland.


Membership is open to formally qualified noise consultants who are corporate members of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA). The Institute of Acoustics Diploma Examination plus a minimum of 5 years’ experience or a suitable postgraduate qualification in an acoustics related subject may be submitted for membership consideration.

Services: Some services at a glance

AACI Members offer a very wide variety of acoustic and noise services. These services include;

Architectural & Building Acoustics, sound insulation testing/reporting, internal acoustics, measurement of school acoustics etc.

Environmental Noise, Wind Farm Noise, Industrial sources, Noise Impact Assessment, Noise Mapping, Transport Noise prediction/assessment etc.

Noise at Work, Occupational Noise Assessment & remedial advice, Hand / Arm Vibration, Whole Body Vibration

NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) and AACI

Several members of the AACI serve on Technical Sub-Committees, assisting with the review of ISO standards on Acoustics, on behalf of NSAI. Sub Committee input allows AACI members to represent Ireland’s interests in the review of emerging and revised acoustic standards and to ensure that the Irish acoustics industry has input to the development and review of ISO published standards.

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