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Guidance Document 1:

Environmental Noise Guidelines for Local Authority Enforcement and Planning Sections.

Please find below a copy of the AACI publication titled ‘Environmental Noise Guidelines for Local Authority Enforcement and Planning Sections’. The guide is a complete reference to suggested appropriate noise assessment standards for use by Planning Authorities in the Republic of Ireland. To download a copy, please click on the document below.


This document provides a working reference document that Planning Authorities throughout the Republic of Ireland can use when attaching noise conditions to a planning application. The objective of the publication is to ensure that consistent, relevant, appropriate and enforceable conditions are attached to proposed future developments.  It is expected that the guidance document will not suit all situations, however, it will provide a major step in ensuring that noise is adequately considered in a sustainable way into the future.  It is issued for guidance purposes only without accepting legal responsibility and will fully disclaimer all contributors, bodies, associations or companies involved. The purpose of the document is to provide optional guidance to assist Planning Authorities and ‘An Bord Pleanála’ which may or may not be used at the Planners discretion.


Guidance Document 2:

The AACI Good Practice Guidance Document on TGD-E,2014

The following document is at present under preparation at AACI and due for release at the latter part of quarter 1, 2020. The guidance is not considered to be a substitute for TGD-E, 2014, but instead, a document highlights good practice in an attempt to bring about higher construction standards and bring recognition to residential builders who exceed the minimum performance requirements described in TGD-E, 2014.  The document will include practical checklists and set out the benefits of using qualified acoustic consultants when seeking design advice.


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