The AACI committee roles for 2020-2023 are as follows:

Chairperson: Diarmuid Keaney

Group Secretary, Finance & Membership representative: Ted Dalton.

Government department liaisons representative: (Team to be formed on a need basis).

CPD & meetings organiser: Siobhan Maher.

(AACI- SITS) Sound insulation Testing Scheme group representatives: Ted Dalton, Diarmuid and Dermot Moloney.

Occupational noise & vibration representative: Dermot Moloney, Ted Dalton.

Environmental noise representative(s): Dermot Moloney, Siobhan Maher, Peter Hill, Kenneth Goodwin, Ted Dalton and Diarmuid Keaney.

Guidance document coordinator: Damian Brosnan.

Publications, Standards coordinator and Standards Library Manager9s): Peter Hill, James Walsh, Kenneth Goodwin.

Ethics committee: James Walsh, Peter Hill.

Membership approvals group (4 persons):

Rotating Directors (3 year term): Ted Dalton (company Secretary), Siobhan Maher, Diarmuid Keaney, James Walsh, Dermot Maloney.

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