Ted Dalton

Ted Dalton

Name:  Ted Dalton

Email:   ted@daltonacoustics.ie

Website(s):     www.daltonacoustics.ie            www.acousticconsultant.iewww.soundtest.ie


Formal Qualifications:  

M.Sc.(Hons) in Applied Acoustics from University of Derby (2016)

Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control (1998) IOA UK.

B.Sc. (Hons) Surv.


Prof Membership:  

Member of the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland

Member of the Institute of Acoustics

Member of Inst of Sound Control Engineers.


Secretary of the AACI, Committee Member on the Irish Branch of the IOA


Areas of expertise: 

Environmental Noise

Building Acoustics

Advanced Sound Insulation Testing / Diagnostics

Environmental Vibration

Occupational Noise

Expert Witness/EIAR

Road/Rail and Aircraft Traffic Noise Assessment


Domestic Soundproofing

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