CCIBAM Course Clarification & SITRI Membership.

Members of the AACI have been formally advised that CCIBAM course is a technician level course and those who complete the CCIBAM course and become SITRI members are NOT necessarily qualified to give acoustic consultancy advice on sound insulation.

It would appear that the 4 day course does not go into any significant detail on wall constructions or diagnosis of failed tests, although these are touched on. The CCIBAM course is a technician-level course and does not qualify an individual for this level of design / remedial work, which would require a fully qualified, competent acoustic consultant.

IoA-Tech members found, presenting as qualified acoustic consultants and offering remedial design work should be brought to the attention of the Institute of Acoustics. This would contravene the rules of conduct regarding Professional Competence.

Extract from the Institute of Acoustics Rules of Conduct

A1. Professional competence and integrity

A1.1 Members shall avoid undertaking work which is beyond their capabilities.

For more information on Membership Grades, see the table below. It is important to note that ALL members of the AACI-SITS scheme are MIOA Corporate Members and all hold as a minimum a Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control from the Institute of Acoustics.

The figure below sets out the Institute of Acoustics membership grades for the purposes of clarity.

Institue of Acoustic Grades Membership


CCIBAM- Certificate of Competence in Irish Building Acoustics Measurement). The CCIBAM course is a four day competence course with one examination day, run by the Institute of Acoustics.

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