New Noise Report Checklist Launched Sept 2021

Noise Report Checklist

We are pleased to announce the availability of our free Noise Report checklist, which has been made available for inspectors at Local Authority Planning Departments, An Bord Pleanála and the EPA. A working group has designed the checklist at the AACI to improve reporting standards in the Republic of Ireland. The checklist is a quick summary of what an inspector should seek in a competent and comprehensive report from a qualified acoustician. The purpose of issuing such a document is to continue to improve the quality of reporting standards in the Republic of Ireland. To download your copy of the checklist, click on the image below.

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EPA Workshop on noise.

Well done to Damian Brosnan of AACI for presenting the AACI Planning Guidance Document at an EPA Workshop at Tullamore today (19th November2019). We need commend the Irish EPA on their progressive approach in bringing ‘best practice guidance’ on noise to those working on the front line of Planning in Local Authorities.

A copy of the guidance document can be found on

NEWS About to launch…..

Environmental Noise Guidelines for Local Authority Enforcement and Planning Sections.

AACI are about to launch a suggested appropriate noise assessment standards for use by Planning Authorities in the Republic of Ireland. It is proposed that this guidance document will be prepared in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, to include Planning Specialists, Local Authorities, Noise Consultants and Environmental Health Officers.

It is proposed that the publication will be presented to Dublin City Council, the Irish Planning Institute, the Irish EPA as well as the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment  with a view to adoption of the guidance on a national level. The objective of the exercise is to provide a working reference document that Planning Authorities throughout the Republic of Ireland can use when attaching noise conditions to a planning application. The objective of the publication is to ensure that consistent, relevant, appropriate and enforceable conditions are attached to proposed future developments.  It is expected that the guidance document will not suit all situations, however it will provide a major step in ensuring that noise is adequately considered in a sustainable way into the future.  It is proposed that this document on completion would be presented to the Institute of Acoustics for review and then issued formally as a published guidance document following a peer review. It will be issued for guidance purposes only without accepting legal responsibility and will fully disclaimer all contributors, bodies, associations or companies involved. The purpose of the document is to provide optional guidance to assist Planning Authorities and ‘An Bord Pleanála’ which may or may not be used at the Planners discretion.

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